Positive affirmations are extremely popular. They provide us with a sense of power to change our thought process.

Why does it work for some and not for others?

It is true that we manifest what we focus on. Yet, even when we use positive thoughts, whether we repeat them a certain number of times a day for a specific number of days, results might not be as we would hope for.


Do affirmations make a difference?

It can definitely be a conscious motivation that strengthens our intentions. But willpower alone won’t change our lives.


Is there a way to make it work?

Yes, there certainly is when we use more than our conscious mind alone.

When we are born, we have no experience and reasoning abilities yet. Our lives depend on others who take care of us and we observe and learn by association and identification as we grow.

The positive and negative experiences we have during the first 8 years of our lives form our Life Script, our basic belief system. This belief system of known associations is stored in our subconscious mind and represents at least 88% of our total mind power.

We store every experience that we see, hear, feel and sense; things that happen to us or to those around us and things that we are taught.

“Cuddling with mom is safe and calming.”

“If I touch a hot stove, I burn my hand.”

“Speaking my mind or saying no cause anger and punishment.”

Being told “Money doesn’t grow on trees, child. We must work hard for it or be lucky or born into it.”

From the age of 8 years on we start to develop our critical mind. Our logic, intentions, reasoning, decision making, analyzing abilities and willpower are stored in our conscious mind; the remaining approximate 12% of our total mind power. Those typical traits don’t always work when and how we want to.

We tend to count on our conscious ratio. Logic, however, is never objective because it is driven and influenced by specific experiences we don’t consciously remember. The real Captain of our ship is the 88% subconscious part of our mind that holds our Life Script, which causes your conscious process to be subjective, because it is entwined with subconscious responses. It can take our willpower and intentions off track.

Our positive affirmations

“I can….”

“I will effortlessly achieve….”

“Abundance comes easy to me.”

are undermined by the known associations that are programmed deep into our unconscious mind.

“I am not good enough.” or “Who do you think you are.” or “You are wrong.”

“Luck is for other people, not for my kind.” or “Rich people are greedy jerks.”

How can we make our positive affirmations work?

By making sure that our affirmations find their way to the controlling 88% unconscious mind.

A simple and effective way to achieve this is hypnotherapy.


How can a Hypnotherapist make a difference?

You briefly share your challenges and desired outcome with your hypnotherapist.

They bring you into a deep state of relaxation that will provide easy access to your subconscious mind.

They implement strong positive affirmations towards your desired outcome in your subconscious mind that will replace existing subconscious negative know associations.


This effective process can take one or a couple of sessions but will result in a supporting instead of undermining roll towards your intentions. You will be able to permanently change our life and reach your goals.

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 Esther van Rein C.Ht.


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