with Esther



Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards help us to connect with Higher Power, Guides and Guardian Angels.

With this support, for which I am deeply grateful, I have mastered my ability to use these cards as powerful tools to connect and translate information to get more clarity about any life situation. Your reading will bring you clarity and confirmation about specific life events for a period of 3 months ahead:

  • your most important topic(s)
  • its current situation
  • what preceded the current situation
  • influences
  • your experience and intake
  • how do the other person and/or your friends/family view the situation
  • your fear and hope
  • what will happen next
  • the foreseeable outcome with the current energy of time

Be aware that you have a powerful influence on your path of life. Nothing is set in stone and and you can influence any situation with your unconscious beliefs and your actions at any time. The cards provide clarity that will help you in your decision making regarding your situation.

I start off every reading by tuning into all good above and into you, a prayer of protection and a meditation. I further protect myself and my cards with selenite, holy water, sage and palo santo wood.


USA $85



Consultations take place via Zoom as well as in-person if you are local.

“My reading from Esther was an absolute gift! I came to her with a lot on my mind and in my heart. Without knowing any context, she was able to tap into what I had been struggling with in a way that was sensitive, intuitive, and insightful. She was able to divine so much about myself to the core. The things she knew about me were completely different than what most people say upon first meeting me – yet they were the most true. This is what struck me the most about her. I will definitely be back to see Esther!”

K.L. - Designer – California, USA

“The thought of having someone read cards for me never crossed my mind until I decided to take a chance with Esther. At this difficult time in my life where my health and sense of direction are not on point, I put my scepsis aside and curiously awaited the result of the reading.

I was and am seriously amazed! She was spot on about my situation and with her advices and so much to get me back on track! I feel empowered and strengthened and can totally recommend Esther’s services to anyone! For me she truly has the gift of listening and communicating, with me and with The Universe.

J.H. – Gudbrandsdal, Norway

“I didn’t know how much I needed this reading until I had it because the gift it brought me was what I desperately needed to hear to be able to figure things out. 

When I had my reading with Esther, she additionally checked my birth chart for me. Both readings gave me a lot of insight in deeply emotional events in my recent past, present and the close future. I feel like I better understand where some aspects of my character come from. I feel so blessed with this experience! 

I would recommend getting a reading by Esther to anyone looking for more insight in themselves and better understanding of their recent developments!”

L.B. – Student - Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

“Yesterday, I did a tarot reading with Esther. I have known Esther for a long time, we were colleagues at a reintegration agency over 10 years ago. I knew her to be a formidable coach, but I’d not witnessed her expertise in tarot reading. Until now.

Frankly, she blew my mind. Literally everything she said hit a nerve. Every meaningful aspect of my life at this point showed up in the reading, and her interpretation and guidance were spot on. It has given me lots of clarity, reassurance, integration, deeper insight and direction for the coming months.

If you are looking for some insight into aspects of your life, wondering about options or dilemma’s, need someone to zoom in on what really matters right now or feel caught in the details or chaos of your life and want to see the bigger picture: get Esther to read for you! Her offer right now is a real steel, so be quick before her price goes up! (I’ve told her to; she’s gold).

K.B. - Feminine Leadership Coach – Oosterhout, The Netherlands

“It felt like magic and medicine brought me here. Your reading opened several paths to clarity. Such a blessing. Thank you for your kindness & care.

M.V. - Coach – California, USA

“I consider myself a skeptic, but having received a giftcard for a reading with Esther, my curiosity won the better of me. I remember a tarot reading I once had at a circus. This lady told me that by the time I was 30 years old, I would be a mother of 5, own a mansion in the Netherlands and drive a Mercedes Benz. None of it came true. Therefore, I was not expecting much this time either. But this reading with Esther left me speechless.

Esther asked for a specific subject, and I chose family of origin. Without going into details, my experiences with my family of origin hold rejection, pain and grief, due to strict religious beliefs. All which Esther knows nothing about. She is only aware of my current loving and happy family life. Esther used several different sets of cards and focused on the past, presence, and future. What she told me hit home with me from the very start.

Esther was spot on with the situation regarding my family of origin as it was and is, and my feelings about it. She gave me confirmation and strengthened my belief in myself. She told me what would likely happen next, which confirmed my intentions. She gave me solid advice as to how to approach things, what to be careful about, and what timeline development to expect.

What I will take with me from this reading most of all, is that she also gave me a surprisingly new perspective on the situation. It has opened an inner dialogue with me about my strength and innermost peace. Esther, thank you for this wonderful experience. I was an incredibly lucky Instagram winner!

E.M. - Executive Assistant - California, USA

“My reading with Esther was spot on. Although I’m pretty good at analyzing myself and my behaviour, there are always blind spots and through the cards, Esther showed me what needed to be seen and dealt with. It was mindblowing and very helpful. She didn’t know about my personal life, but it was all very to the point and insightful what she told me. I can move forward with this, so I’m glad I had this reading!

G.C. - California, USA

Esther has this incredible gift of creating space where you feel safe. Safe to talk about anything without being judged. It is amazing how she can bring up things I just start to be aware of and even things I was not aware of until she mentioned it and it resonated.  

Working with Esther is a beautiful, uplifting experience. I am still processing a lot of my new conscious awareness and things are still surfacing and clicking. It is putting the progress I wanted to focus on in motion so much faster and further!

What also amazes me is the understanding and compassion I now have towards myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

D.P. - Derbyshire - United Kingdom

“Thank you for your reading, Esther! It was so much more than I expected. You were so spot on! Can’t wait to do another reading with you in a couple of months. You are amazing! Keep doing what you’re doing!

L.S. - USA


Professions such as astrology and tarot reading were stigmatized for centuries, but before this happened, these professional qualities were integrated in society. Kings, rulers and powerful people used to CONSULT these specialists.

Religion is based on Faith and our connection with God. Religious institutions had leaders that were uncomfortable with the INFLUENCE of others than themselves on these Kings and rulers.

To control and influence these powerful people for their own benefits and agenda, religious leaders needed to ISOLATE Kings and other powerful rulers from other advisors. Religious leaders (who also were responsible for creating copies of the Bible) started a demonizing campaign by convincing people that certain professions and qualities were the Devil’s tools.

Tools, however, are tools. The INTENT with which we use a tool can be good or bad.

We can use a hammer to build or to kill. A priest can share the love of God, or they can control and abuse people, while surrounding themselves with material excess and political influence. An official can serve the people or can be corrupt. An astrologer or a reader can TRANSLATE or manipulate. Inner moral and values direct the way we use our tools.

Whether we are an astrologer, a reader, a teacher, a baker, a doctor, family, a manager or leader of any sort; everyone has the RESPONSIBILITY to choose between good or bad intent, abuse of power or RESPECTFUL SUPPORT, positivity or negativity, a connection with heaven or with hell.

This realization has created a growing ACCEPTANCE AND REINSTATEMENT of professions with certain knowledge and qualities in society.



My readings have proven to be most accurate and helpful. However, for legal purposes, please take note of the following disclaimer:

Readings do not dictate a solid future outcome. Your life does not only depend on what is meant for you. Your beliefs and actions are of huge influence. You have the capability to change and manifest your future. Readings reflect chances created by the current energy. Any outcome is influenced by your personal growth, attitude and choices. Therefore, time (a manmade concept) is hard to pinpoint during readings. If something happens fast or slow, depends on you.

Readings and offered suggestion are intended to be for entertainment purposes only, and do not replace any medical, legal, financial or other professional advice of any nature. I am not liable for any damages or adverse effects arising from interpretations and choices made by others. You are instrumental in your own life choices and physical, emotional, financial, and legal well-being or well-being of any other nature, on all levels and at all times.

“Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.”