about Esther

“I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude for the hypnotherapy session you conducted on me, which has enabled me to effectively quit smoking cigarettes. It has been 22 days since I last had any cravings or thoughts about purchasing or smoking any form of tobacco, and I credit this remarkable achievement to your invaluable assistance.

I am deeply appreciative of the efforts you invested in helping me overcome this addiction and the positive impact it has had on my overall well-being. Your professionalism, expertise, and compassionate approach were instrumental in my success, and I would highly recommend anyone seeking to quit tobacco consumption to consult with you for guidance.

Once again, thank you for your outstanding services, and I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.”

J.C. - Manager – California, USA

“I really love my sessions with Esther. They bring a deeper insight into my life and personality that I never thought of before. The best thing was finding out my past life/soul’s mission. I just thought it was so interesting and it makes so much sense. Be prepared to be spooked! The things Esther says are eerily accurate.”
C.S. - Student – California, USA

“The analysis you did for me was fascinating and gave me much to consider. Aspects I recognized and needed to hear again. And aspects I didn’t recognize at first but which, as I found out, represented my true nature. The analysis set me on a new path and truly changed my life.”
H.T. - Shop Owner - United Kingdom

“Thank you for working with me. Wow! I like to listen to your voice, there is something very soothing about it. You have a gift to get right to the core of my problems, my pattern. You say the right things and you know how to find my level and how far to go. You let yourself be guided through the process. This gives me a personal and warm feeling, tells me that you are professional, assures me that I am in good hands and I can fully trust you. You use wonderful techniques that tackle problems at the cellular level. My body and mind benefit from it, and I strongly believe that it changes thinking patterns permanently.”
A.M. - Business Owner - The Netherlands

“Your patience was refreshing. You’re a gentle spirit. I feel I could really trust you, let my mind go and know you would be there to guide me. You were there, no matter what I was working on. It didn’t even feel like two hours and we were able to do a lot. You have really targeted the chore issue. I am looking forward to our next session.”
P.W. - FEO - Texas, United States

“The Personality Profile was helpful in understanding different influences that contribute to my personality, this helped uncover certain issues at the root. We had our sessions through Zoom and once in person. At first, I was skeptical about it being online, but the coaching was just as effective. Esther really helped me breakthrough; I was skeptical of this kind of coaching but was immediately drawn to her calming nature. She stayed firm and patient with me through the beginning and all throughout time. She is not only my coach but a friend! She has helped work down to deeper roots I had not seen before and what or how they happened. She taught me ways to let go, heal and just flow with life. There are no words to describe my gratitude. Esther will find a way or perspective that will fit your life, she will stay on pace with your journey, and her calming demeanor will help you align and peel back the onions to heal. She will be a friend who guides you to personal freedom. Have an open mind and know your life will change for good for forever.”
O.S. - Corporate Account Manager - Texas, United States

“Esther has an ability to walk you safely through what might feel like your darkest moment. Her calming and supportive nature is not only reassuring but grounded. She helped me immensely to get on the right side of things. I am incredibly grateful to her and will continue to work with her as often as possible.
L.K.P. - Writer, Creative Entrepreneur - Washington DC, United States

“After 10 sessions with you, I achieved what I couldn’t achieve with any psychologist over the past 12 years. Thank you for helping me with the anxiety and depression. I’ve got my life back. I can’t thank you enough.”
C.L. - Account Manager - California, United States

I had the privilege of working with Esther for ten hours. Her strong knowledge and the Personality Profile she created allowed her to see through my eyes and accurately analyze where I am currently at in life. This was of great value as she was able to help me see how I’m standing in my own way and how to break out of my comfort zones.  Now I am able to continue flowing instead of feeling stuck or stagnant. The value of the notes she took during our session has been immense in keeping me on track. I would not advise working with Esther if you are not prepared to be honest with yourself!  Thank you again for your wonderful insights and will to help with a loving and nonjudgmental demeanor.
M.B. - Student - Arizona, United States

“Esther made a Personality Profile for my 6-year-old son. Her report is an extensive feast of recognition and contains a revelation of hidden treasures. I am now seeing my child’s behavior through different eyes and understand his needs and desires much better. This analysis is a gift for the rest of my life.”
A.P. - Business Owner - The Netherlands

“My teen daughter was stressing herself over many life changing decisions and the pressures she felt through social media and peer pressure. I was deeply worried about her depression. I noticed how she got her resilience back after just one session with Esther. She helped my daughter put things in perspective and taught her to find herself first Now she has a better understanding of her priorities and has the right tools to make decisions. Brilliant!”
C.S. - Business Owner – North Carolina, USA

“I feel in safe hands with you. It is clear to me that you know what you are doing. You swiftly get to the core of things. Soon after we started our first session, I felt a liberating relief. After a couple of sessions sudden unexpected vivid memories showed up and you helped me release them so easy, Esther. And this weeks’ session you helped me free myself from a 45 year old trauma, within an hour! My life is already changing after a couple of sessions. I feel stronger and more cheerful and I experience feeling more empowered in daily life. Thanks Esther!”
B.H. - Business Owner - Belgium

Esther has this incredible gift of creating space where you feel safe. Safe to talk about anything without being judged. It is amazing how she can bring up things I just start to be aware of and even things I was not aware of until she mentioned it and it resonated.  

Working with Esther is a beautiful, uplifting experience. I am still processing a lot of my new conscious awareness and things are still surfacing and clicking. It is putting the progress I wanted to focus on in motion so much faster!

What also amazes me is the understanding and compassion I now have towards myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

D.P. - Derbyshire, United Kingdom