with Esther


Psychological Astrology is also called Jungian Astrology.
It is based on the teachings of Carl Gustav Jung, who partly build his well-known psychological theories on his knowledge of Astrology.

Your analysis report is formulated on your astrological chart which is formed on your place of birth, date of birth and exact time of birth.
Your Personality Profile reveals your beautiful and unique, original personality. This report is timeless and will provide you with new insight every time you read it.


Your analysis

covers your individual

  • core characteristics
  • motives and returning themes
  • qualities and latent talent
  • challenges and development options

gives insight into

  • original and acquired characteristics
  • ways of feeling, thinking and acting
  • the connection between conscious and unconscious motivations
  • capabilities
  • blind spots
  • your soul’s mission


  • details that will stay accurate during your lifetime
  • many development options
  • tailored advice
  • self-knowledge and positive confirmations
  • growing confidence




Astrological Cartography is a combination of your chart and the map op the world. This combined map will show you what specific EXPERIENCES you can have in certain AREAS AND CITIES. This knowledge can help you to choose – or avoid – certain areas, depending on what you are looking to find or avoid.

Specific areas are very BENEFICIAL for your career, others for luck, love or money. There are other areas where you will find certain challenges and it’s of great help if you are prepared.

I can compare specific cities for you, if you have a choice to make. If you are looking for a specific life development, I can point out which area will SUPPORT YOUR GOALS.





A Personality report helps you as a parent to get INSIGHT in your child’s INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITY at an early age of development.

Your child can have another natural way of experiencing life and expressing themselves than you. You might approach the world based on facts, while your child prefers to trust their feelings. You might take days as they come and go with the flow. Your child might have a natural need for structure and rules. An hour of sports might be an outlet for you. Your child might need to draw by itself to re-balance. Although a child learns to manage different ways, it is in their best interest to primary use the strongest part of who they truly are.

This report allows you to better understand the specific ways that your child feels, acts, observes and processes and subsequently helps you to RESPOND IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE to your child’s personal needs.

Tailored support benefits your INTERACTION and LEVEL OF CONNECTION with your child.

Confirmation of your child’s skills enhances their SELF-CONFIDENCE and RESILIENCE in life.





Professions such as astrology and tarot reading were stigmatized for centuries, but before this happened, these professional qualities were integrated in society. Kings, rulers and powerful people used to CONSULT these specialists.

Religion is based on Faith and our connection with God. Religious institutions had leaders that were uncomfortable with the INFLUENCE of others than themselves on these Kings and rulers.

To control and influence these powerful people for their own benefits and agenda, religious leaders needed to ISOLATE KIngs and other powerful rulers from other advisors. Religious leaders (who also were responsible for creating copies of the Bible) started a demonizing campaign by convincing people that certain professions and qualities were the Devil’s tools.

Tools, however, are tools. The INTENT with which we use a tool can be good or bad.

We can use a hammer to build or to kill. A priest can share the love of God, or they can control and abuse people, while surrounding themselves with material excess and political influence. An official can serve the people or can be corrupt. An astrologer or a reader can TRANSLATE or manipulate. Inner moral and values direct the way we use our tools.

Whether we are an astrologer, a reader, a teacher, a baker, a doctor, family, a manager or leader of any sort; everyone has the RESPONSIBILITY to choose between good or bad intent, abuse of power or RESPECTFUL SUPPORT, positivity or negativity, a connection with heaven or with hell.

This realization has created a growing ACCEPTANCE AND REINSTATEMENT of professions with certain knowledge and qualities in society.

“By his microcosmic nature man is part of macrocosm.”

Carl Gustav Jung